easyCalc - A simple and easy-to-use calculator for chrome

easyCalc is an easy-to use caluclator for Google chrome browser. This is built using inbuilt JavaScript capabilities in the browser.

Support for basic mathematical operations.
Support for various mathematical operations like sqrt(), sin() etc...
Ability to maintain historical log (memory) of recent calculations. This is limited to 10 calculations.
Ability to remember the recently used expression.
Ability to use the past expressions or result for the current calculations.
Allows One-click copying of the calculated result

Features being implemented:
Enhanced keyboard support to copy the results/expressions for further use.
Locale and formatting support for results.
Graphical enhancements.
Elaborate help.

If you have any suggestions/feedback/likes, let us know at any of the links below.

Google groups: http://groups.google.com/group/easycalc