easyCalc - Version History

Version - Jun 02, 2012
Fix for autofocus, when opened.
When recently typed item is loaded, the focus should be at the end of the text.

Version to
Delayed analytics
Minor UI improvements

Version - Dec 02, 2011
Analytic code changes

Version - Nov 26, 2011
Enhanced copy to avoid flickering.

Version - Nov 26, 2011
One-click copy of the calculated result is now possible
Minor UI fixes

Version - Nov 19, 2011
Auto resize text area so that the expression visibility is improved

Version - Nov 13, 2011
Help content changes and minor UI fixes

Version - Nov 11, 2011
can hold large expressions, since the control is now a text area. Drag it and expand!
Ability to remember the recently used expression, for reuse.
Minor UI fixes

Version - Nov 08, 2011
Ability to calculate functions like sin(), pow() and enhanced expressions support
Minor fixes

Version - Nov 06, 2011
With minor fixes and graphics needs as per chrome store standards

Version - Nov 06, 2011
Initial release, version expecting comments and suggestions from users.